Have SOS Sales Training coaching in your dealership!
All the great producers in life have great coaches. Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer ever, and he works with his coach every chance he gets. Too often the best Sales People are left out, and the struggling Sales People get all of the energy. SOS Sales Training understands this and has an "in house" monthly coaching system, to help your peak performers.

We need our masters to "master" their "sales process" to ensure that NO customer slips through our fingers because of not getting the right experience. It's a NADA proven fact that customers buy because they liked and trusted the Sales Person. We must focus on that fact. Are your Sales People "likeable?" Do they exceed the customers purchasing expectations? Let's face it, in today's market the customer has more choices than ever before. Let's work together and make the car buying experience at your dealership PERFECT!

Also with the addition of The Follow Up Factory, your sales team will run like a well oiled machine. Call today to set up an In House Coaching program for your Sales Managers and Sales Consultants.

Pat Phillips, C.E.O. 403- 581-9333