Sales Scripts

Opening Statement To Explain What You Do

“Bob, my job at the dealership is all about selection. I am here to help you select the perfect vehicle for you and your family. Is there anything in our current lineup that you really like?”

Committing The Buyer

Three Steps to a commitment using a “Summary Closing” Technique.

Step 1 – Reconfirming. Let’s assume that on your demo drive you learned your customer really liked these three things. The Power, the AWD, and the Leather Seats. When you return to your office, say this exactly to get a verbal “YES” to move forward. Sales Pro, “You really liked the power, the AWD, and the leather seats, didn’t you?" Customer, “YES, I did!”

Step 2 – Making a “Right Vehicle” Statement. Again this is to get your customer closer to a verbal commitment. Sales Pro, “GREAT! Sounds like we found the right vehicle, haven’t we?” Customer, “YES! I think we have!”

Step 3 – Asking for a Commitment to buy NOW! Sales Pro, “SO, if we could make this great vehicle affordable, we could wrap it up now couldn’t we?” Customer, “YES! Let’s do this!” Please understand one completely true fact. MOST customers came here to buy a vehicle. They truly are frustrated when they leave and don’t buy. DON’T BE AFRAID!!

We are not buying anything today

"I understand, I wouldn't expect you to buy anything before you're ready! While you are here, let's get you all the information, and all the facts. So you can make the right decision when you are ready. Fair enough?"
Part Two "I do recall earlier you mentioning that you were not buying anything today. But considering you love the car and the way it drove, you would make the decision now if I could make it affordable, wouldn't you?"

What's Your Best Price

"Jim, here at SOS Motors we don't have a best price policy. Our best price is the price it will take to earn your business. Here at our dealership, you are in control of the price. And if we don't give you a fair price, you're NOT going to do business here are you? So why don't we take some time, find the right vehicle, and you can tell me what's fair!"

I Want To Think It Over (After Numbers Presentation)

"I understand Jim, obviously what you want to think about is on this page. f there was ONE THING that you wanted to think about, what would that ONE THING be?"

Taking The Pressure off - Serving Numbers

"I understand Jim, Would you like to see some convenient numbers to see if it makes sense?"

Power Negotiating - Committing On Cash Down

"Most Banks and Lenders CAN require money down, what's comfortable for you?"

The 3 steps to a successful Retention Call

Step #1 Always introduce yourself - "Hello may I speak with Jim Please? Hello Jim this is Pat Phillips from SOS Motors calling"

Step #2 Explain why you are calling - "The reason for my call Jim is I wanted to speak with you about a great opportunity regarding your current vehicle"

Step #3 Ask for their time - "Do you have a moment to chat?"