The SOS Sales Training System is all about building value. We understand that today's consumers are crying out for great service, and complete professionalism. Today's consumers are tired of the same old promises with unsatisfying results. To put it simply, SOS Sales Training trains your Sales People properly. It's not about the quick buck, it's about earning the right to ask the customer to own the product today, for all of the RIGHT REASONS! These reasons focus on the customer's agenda and less on ours. People obviously are concerned about being treated fairly, and understand that in today's market they can demand a professional, friendly, car buying experience.

We need to "master" our "sales process" to ensure that NO customer slips through our fingers because of not getting the right experience. It's a NADA proven fact that customers buy because they liked and trusted the Sales Person. We must focus on that fact. Are your Sales People "likeable?" Do they exceed the customers purchasing expectations? Let's face it, in today's market the customer has more choices than ever before. Let's work together and make the car buying experience at your dealership PERFECT!

What's Covered In Class

  • First Impressions
  • The Greeting
  • Building "GREAT" Rapport (Role Play)
  • Investigating Wants & Needs (Role Play)
  • The Walk Around Presentation (Role Play)
  • The Sales Person Accompanied Demonstration Drive (Role Play)
  • The Dealership "VALUE" Tour (Role Play)
  • The Professional "Closing Sequence" (Role Play)
  • The Perfect Delivery
  • Professional Follow Up

We Also Cover The Following

  • Overcoming Objections (Role Play)
  • Goal Setting
  • Using the "10 Best Closing Techniques" (Role Play)
  • The Monthly Planner
  • What to do in your first 30 days
  • How to be a prospecting pro
  • Life Lessons - Being Positive and Grateful